8th Grade High School Information

IMportant Dates to know:

February  5th: Early College HS Visit: 8th Grade Lunch

February  6th: IB Visit: 8th Grade Lunch

February  7th: 8th Grade Parent Night @ VRHS

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February 12: Choice Sheet Presentation @ STILES ( Vista-Lecture Hall; Rouse - Library)

February 16: Make-Up Presentation (AM @ STILES)

February 21: 8th Grade HS Visits ( RHS and VRHS)

February 21: 8th Grade HS Parent Night @ RHS

Future Exploration Night website

February 26: Choice Sheet Pick-Up/1:1 @ STILES ( Vista and Rouse)

February 28: 1on1 Makeup (AM @ Stiles) Vista and Rouse

April 23: 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR

April 24: 8th Grade Science STAAR

April 25: SS & Science STAAR Make-up day

April 30: 8th Math & Alg. EOC STAAR

May 1: High School course request deadline for the 2024-2025

May 1: Math STAAR Makeup day


May 16: 8th Garde Field Trip

May 17: Rouse HS Swim Tryouts

May 17: 8th Grade Formal